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Vega Havhotell
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Velcome to Vega Havhotell


This Vega as most of us know, is about some great
summer weeks. But this luxuriant World Heritage island, farthest away towards the Atlantic, is stunning all year round. It changes between
drama and tranquility of an ongoing nature play.

We are proud to welcome you to our little hotel,
in beautiful surroundings with the ocean close by. Vega Havhotell located at north-west of Vega, at Viksaas between forests, mountains and seas.


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Do you believe in the light's positive influence, you have come to the right place. This takes you from the roof windows down towards the the walls of hardcore wooden paneling, or the white-painted window frames that give you the Helgelanske light rays so that the sleep and wellbeing reportedly comes after you have used the binoculars that are ready to use in the room after looking for the TV that does not exist!



Best regards


Anna and Jon Aga



Pan fried cod


Jon and Anna


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siden 23.09.2013 
Telefon: [+47] 75 03 64 00
Det tok 1.3779 sekunder å laste siden.
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