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Vega Havhotell
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The thought of the hotel

- This will vouch for the hospitality, care, quality and personality. Because we know that the good atmosphere means everything for a successful stay with us. With reverence we take good care of our guests. Here you avoid having to press a button to get coffee. One of us will pour into your cup - accompanied by a nice comment or a smile.

We all know that food and drink - and the overall experience, means a lot when you have allocated themselves a meal or a stay at a hotel.
The food will taste super. It should also please the eye, so that we are inspired to sit a long time and enjoy ourselves. And activities in connection to the stay should be such that you take care of them as great memories for a long time. Then we need to account for this, make sure you are getting the experience you expect and like some.

We do not do this by speedily «transport» the food, but rather by giving us time to enrich you with the recipe, or give you an answer as to why you should be a part of exactly that activity.

Wine cellarWe know that most people appreciate such hospitality, care and personal behavior.
Then it is satisfying to know that everyone who works at Vega Havhotell will do their utmost to give you an experience that is - more than the usual.

Wishing you a pleasant stay.
Anna and Jon Aga




Overall, the hotel have 23 rooms, including 5 suites. In total we have 54 beds.




Ocean suites w/Breakfast Buffet                  NOK 1 890,- 
Double room plus w/Breakfast Buffet
                NOK 1 590,- 
Double room stand                 NOK 1 490,-
Single room w/Breakfast Buffet                 NOK 1 390,-


Booking your accommodation at Vega Havhotell can be done over the phone.
Call us at


(+47) 75 03 64 00

Dial 0047 if you don't know how to dial +47 on your phone.

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