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Vega Havhotell
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Meetings and conferences

About atmosphere view of and bright rooms matters for inspiration

- leave the ordinary.

About food like tasty fish and seafood dishes can stimulate job satisfaction

- Work by the sea.

About good sleep in soft beds in spacious rooms, have the smallest significance

- Choose a great hotel.

About a down to earth environment can affect motivation

- Think of Vega Havhotell.




› 40 seats in school configuration.

› 25 seats in horseshoe configuration.

› 60 seats in cinema configuration.



With us you will find no TV, however wireless internet access is available.
We ask our visitors not to download large amounts of data or streaming video since this affects the other guests.

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siden 23.09.2013 
Telefon: [+47] 75 03 64 00
Det tok 1.3809 sekunder å laste siden.
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